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SEARCH Website Review & Ratings + Coupons is a website that allows its customers to sign up and rent cars from any location through the use of the internet. They allow for a prospective customer to chosse from many different classes of cars while providing services the are available for any amount of time.

Of the many online carental sites, this one has many sites which are located in many major North American cities and regions. The website allows for easy searchs, easy booking, as well as the ability to modify an existing reservation that was previously placed. As there are many sites, provides the lowest prices as well as comparisons to other car rental and travel booking sites. In addition to multiple agents, also provides tools for cosumer feedback so the the services that are offered may be constantly improved. What makes it different?

One, item that makes this product unique is that it provides rates from multiple car rental agencies, while maintaining a large amount of choice for the consumer. As a result, this keeps that market competitive and transparent while bringing all of the available products together in one convinient location on the internet.

Anther unique service that is provided by this company is the ability to make a car rental from a mobile device such as an iPhone. This allows for a greater flexibility in the way that one may rent a car while providing tools for researching the locations where one might find a car rental location.

One of the most useful services is the ability to compare the obtained results with other travel sites such as Expedia and Hotwire. This ability helps the consumer by ensuring them that they are obtaining the best deal. This also makes it easier for the buyer to shop for a rental car as there is less research to do. vs. primary competitors (sites similar to

Two leading competitors which compete with are Expedia and Vayama.

Comparison to Expedia

  • Pro: Expedia allows online booking for airfare as well as hotels and car rentals.
  • Pro: Expedia's best price guarantee ensures that you will always be getting the lowest price for your car rental.
  • Pro: Has the option to split payments so that, a large bill isn't required up front.
  • Con: No tool that allows you to compare the result to other sites.
  • Con: Difficult to use mobile app for product.
  • Con: A very complex registration and payment process.

Comparison to Vayama

  • Pro: Vayama is a one-stop online travel agent for all your needs.
  • Pro: Provides alternate routes and products where applicable.
  • Pro: Site that is much easier to use than Expedia and car rentals online.
  • Con: Best deals are in travel packages and not stand alone.
  • Con: Might not be the best choice for a temporary replacement vehicle.
  • Con: Might try to sell you products which you do not require. Pricing & packages

For, the cost of renting a vehicle may range from $15 dollars per day to $45 per day. The final price is determined by many factors such as the rental agency which the car is being rented from, the size of the car that is being rented, the car availability, and the car's current location.

Vayama's car rentals are priced at a similar but larger range which starts at $10 per day and can increase to as much as $60 per day. This larger pricing range is due to the larger selection of cars. Expedia's price range is the same as Vayama's with the most noticeable difference being that Expedia prices thier cars based on class, while and Vayama price their rentals based on car type.

It is also worth mentioning that Vayama and Expedia give discounts on their car rentals when they are bought as a part of a travel package. Product images & screenshots Coupons
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In general, has very few reviews which one might be considered to be favourable:

"Horrible customer service by the company they set us up with - A Plus Rentals in San Diego. When we arrived to pick up the vehicle we were told that A Plus Rentals has no control over what is on the website so they don't have to honor the agreement. What??" (Source)

" My wife and kids spent a week down in Cancun so I rented a car at that seemed like a competitive professional quote. The Total price quoted was $85.31 US dollars. When my wife actually picked up the car she was informed that she needed all kinds of insurance bringing it up to $168.00... Even this is fine !!" (Source)

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